Germany’s Die Zeit visits Pärnu “where a small festival is set to conquer Europe” and reports on the Estonian Festival Orchestra and its allure:

“The musicians of the orchestra come from everywhere. Members of the Berlin Philharmonic and the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen sit shoulder to shoulder with Estonian newcomers and colleagues from France, Greece or the USA. Paavo Järvi’s goal (“over two or three years”) is to emulate an institution such as the Lucerne Festival Orchestra, the Claudio Abbado elite-based ensemble, gathering the best of the best summer each summer. This may seem a bit of a high goal, but it is not far-fetched. Pärnu also has a special aura, scenic and relaxing like around Lake Lucerne. Its remote, northern location has an enormous charm. Last but not least, the orchestra will be going on its first European Tour in 2018 to make itself known more widely.” (April 2017)